Jury Services

The San Francisco Superior Court seeks to provide the most efficient and convenient jury service experience. Daily reporting instructions, frequently asked questions, maps, parking information, and directions to the courthouse locations are available to assist you with your service.

San Francisco Superior Court has two jury assembly rooms: Civic Center Courthouse, 400 McAllister St., Room 007 and the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant St., Room 307. You can reach us by phone on the Juror Information Line: (415) 551-3608.

Group Reporting/Reporting Instructions

Message from the Presiding Judge

How Do I?


Get Selected for Jury Service?

You have been randomly selected by computer to serve as a trial juror. The selection of persons for jury service is accomplished by randomly drawing names from the list of registered voters and the Department of Motor Vehicles driver's license and identification card list for San Francisco. The law requires a fair cross-section of each county's qualified residents to be available each day for jury duty. Random summoning enhances juror impartiality. There is no attempt to deliberately inconvenience anyone.

Get exempted from jury service?

There is no statutory exemption for any occupation except certain categories of peace officers. However, a juror may be disqualified for service for various reasons, such as citizenship, residency, or prior service within the past 12 months. A juror may also ask to be excused for various reasons, such as financial hardship or the need to provide care to another person. The Summons and Response Form explain how to inform the Court that you are not qualified to serve and how to request to be excused.

Reschedule my service?

In order to accommodate your schedule, you may postpone, or reschedule, the start of your jury service once to a more convenient time. The postponement cannot exceed 6 months. You may postpone your service over the phone by calling the Jury Office at (415) 551-3608, entering your badge number (located on the juror badge area of the summons), and following the instructions for postponement. You may also postpone your service by completing Box A of the Response Form, signing and dating the form, and returning it to the Court in the enveloped provided.

Request to be excused or disqualified?

Excuses from service may be granted in specific circumstances. If you want to request to be excused, read the excuse and disqualification options on the Response Form (on the back of the summons). Requests for excuse or disqualification must be received in writing and cannot be accepted over the phone. To request excuse or disqualification, complete the appropriate boxes on the Response Form, sign and date the form, and return to the Court in the envelope provided. To check on the status of your request, you may call the automated system at (415) 551-3608 and enter your badge number.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is jury service mandatory?

The U.S. Constitution and the California State Constitution guarantee the right to trial by jury. A Summons and Response Form are mailed to you to determine if you are qualified to serve jury duty (See Code of Civil Procedure, Section 203(a).)

Where does the Jury Commissioner obtain names of prospective jurors?

Both the voter registration and motor vehicle records are used as source lists for prospective jurors. Names are randomly selected from the countywide population by computer. If your name and address do not match exactly in both the voter registration and motor vehicle records, you may have more than one record in the jury system. If this happens, you may receive more than one summons in a 1-year period. If you receive more than one summons in a 1-year period, please contact the Jury Office at 415-551-3608.

The Court receives its data from these two sources each year in October. If you have moved out of the City recently, the Court may have still received your name from either the DMV or the Department of Elections. You must notify DMV within 10 days of your move. Registering to vote in another county does not necessarily remove your name from the SF Department of Elections rolls; you should also call the Department of Elections to tell them that you no longer live in the City.

How many days will I have to serve?

You may be required to appear anytime during the 5-day period of your jury service. You are required to obtain reporting instructions, by calling the Court at (415) 551-3608 or visiting the Web site, every day for the duration of the one week of jury service. You are required to follow your reporting instructions for every day of your service week.

If you are not required to report during the 5-day period, your jury service is completed for one year.

If you are asked to report and come in to the courthouse, but are not assigned to a courtroom for jury selection on the day you report, your jury service is completed for one year.

If you are assigned to a courtroom for jury selection that is not completed by the end of that day, you are required to return to finish the selection for that trial.

If you are selected to serve on a trial, your term of service will be the length of that trial.

May I postpone my jury service to a more convenient time?

Yes. The Court realizes prospective jurors may be summoned at an inconvenient time and is willing to postpone service to a more convenient time. You may postpone your jury service by calling the automated system at (415) 551-3608 or by completing Box A on the Response Form and returning it to the Court. Jurors are entitled to a one-time postponement not to exceed 6 months from the summons date.