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Please Note: The ACCESS Center will be closed in observance of Court Holidays:
February 13, 2023
February 20, 2023
March 31, 2023
May 29, 2023
June 19, 2023
July 4, 2023.


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Self-help services for family law matters and non-family law cases are available for self-represented Court customers. The ACCESS Center can give you legal information and/or referrals to other resources to help you represent yourself. We cannot provide you legal advice.

•    The ACCESS Center is available to help both parties to a case, which means we may also help the other side in your case. 
•     We do NOT represent you, will NOT act as your lawyer, and your meetings with us are not private. This means that what you tell the ACCESS Center is NOT confidential. 
•    We can help with general information and instructions with San Francisco cases only and when appropriate, we may give you referrals for other resources. 
•    We are not able to assist or answer questions for third parties or family members, including attorneys, law firms, document preparers and paralegal services. 
•    Communications between you and the ACCESS Center are not confidential. You may want to consult with your own attorney if you want personalized advice or strategy, to have a confidential conversation, or to be represented by an attorney in court. 
•    ACCESS Staff cannot advise, strategize, go to court on your behalf, nor speak to a judge to discuss your case. Contact the (BASF) Bar Association of San Francisco’s Lawyer Referral Service at (415) 989-1616 to hire an attorney, and/or to see if you qualify for a low fee or free attorney. 

NOTICE: For information on rent relief (help paying past due rent), please see: Housing is Key 

  • State Landlord/Tenant Self-Help
  • Eviction Defense Collaborative:  (415) 947-0797
  • Bar Association of San Francisco: (415) 989-1616
  • Bay Area Legal Aid Phone: (800) 551-5554
  • La Raza Centro Legal Phone: (415) 575-3500
  • CA State Bar Association Phone: (866) 442-2529