community outreach

Judges at sunday streets community event

On March 23, 2018, Assistant Presiding Judge Garrett L. Wong, Judge Richard C. Darwin, Judge Anne-Christine Massullo, and Judge Daniel A. Flores organized a table at the San Francisco Sunday Streets event in the Excelsior neighborhood. The event provided an opportunity for the judges to meet with members of the public and answer general questions about the Court and its services. 

Photo from left to right- Assistant Presiding Judge Garrett L. Wong, Judge Richard C. Darwin, Judge Anne-Christine Massullo, and Judge Daniel A. Flores

Meet the judges: a community forum

On May 14, 2015, in partnership with The Bar Association of San Francisco, the San Francisco Superior Court held the “Meet the Judges: A Community Forum” where members of the public were able to ask questions of San Francisco Judges outside of the courtroom. Over 70 members of the public attended and had the opportunity to speak with Judges about topics that included Civil Harassment/Restraining Orders, Family Law, Housing, Traffic, Small Claims, ACCESS Self-Help Center, and Jury Service. A short reception where citizens could talk one-on-one with the Judges was held after the event.

Photo from left to right - Timothy W. Moppin, former BASF President, T. Michael Yuen, Court Executive Officer, (Retired) Judge Donald S. Mitchell, then-Presiding Judge John K. Stewart, Judge Gail Dekreon, Judge Edward Torpoco, Judge Monica F. Wiley, Presiding Judge Teri L. Jackson, and Judge Angela Bradstreet. 

international visitors

The San Francisco Superior Court hosts many foreign delegations of visitors eager to learn more about the American justice system and the trial courts in California. Delegations often visit from China, Japan, Korea and Australia. Foreign delegations bring their own translator and observe court proceedings and visit with San Francisco Superior Court Judges who answer their questions about the justice system in California.

Presiding Garrett L. Wong (center, front row) and Court Executive Officer T. Michael Yuen (front row, right) host the Osaka Bar Assocation on a visit to the Civic Center Courthouse in October 2019.

Former Presiding Judge John K. Stewart (center, back row), Presiding Judge Teri L. Jackson (back row, right), Judge Harold E. Kahn (left, first row), Judge Andrew Y.S. Cheng (center left, first row), (Retired) Judge Lillian K. Sing (center right, first row) and Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos (right, first row),  host a judicial delegation from the Supreme Court of Korea in March 2015. 

Former Presiding Judge John K. Stewart (center) meets with Japanese judges, arbitrators and professors in March 2015.

Day in Court Program for San Francisco Schoolchildren

In cooperation with the San Francisco Superior Court, the Day in Court Program, under the direction of the Bar Association of San Francisco, takes students from the classroom to the courtroom, allowing them to witness first-hand the trial of civil cases. 

Photo - Judge Andrew Y.S. Cheng meets with students from Live Oak Elementary School in April 2016.

Tours take place at the San Francisco County Courthouse located at 400 McAllister Street and are led by tour guides who are practicing attorneys. Each tour accommodates 30-45 students and takes place on Wednesday mornings throughout the school year.

Judges meet with the students at the end of their visit to answer any questions they may have about the judicial system. To learn more from Judge Curtis E.A. Karnow, listen to his radio interview with KALW's Carol Kocivar. 

Photo - Judge Curtis E.A. Karnow meets with San Francisco schoolchildren in his courtroom after answering their questions during a trip to the Civic Center Courthouse.

Judge Karnow has recently edited a valuable resource for students based on real questions Judges have received from students during visits to the San Francisco Superior Court. The book, What's Your Weirdest Case? Judges Answer Questions on the Courts, is a valuable resource for students, teachers or anyone seeking answers to the most commonly-asked questions about the courts and serving as a Judge.