May. 6, 2016

Juvenile Standing Orders

Index of Standing Orders

A. General Orders - 100 Series

S.O. 102
Notice Between the Human Services Agency and Juvenile Probation

S.O. 103
Petitions for Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records

S.O. 103 - Attachment to Petitions for Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records
Procedures for Obtaining Access to and Copies of Juvenile Court Records

S.O. 103 - SFUFC Form SO103-A [Appendix I]
Declaration in Support of Request to Inspect Juvenile Records Without a Court Order (WIC §§827/828)

S.O. 103 - SFUFC Form SO103-B [Appendix II]
Petition and Order for Research

S.O. 104
Information-Sharing Among Adult Probation Dept., Juvnile Probation Dept., & SF-HSA

S.O. 105
Protocol for Authorization to Administer Psychotropic Medication to Dependent and Delinquent Children

B. Dependency Cases

S.O. 200
Revocation of Dependency Standing Orders

Delinquency Cases - 300 Series

S.O. 301-Amended
Health Assessment Upon Detention 3/17/08

S.O. 302
Protocol for Referrals for Preliminary Psychological Screening 4/1/94

S.O. 303

S.O. 304
Multi-Disciplinary Assessments 4/1/94

S.O. 305
Discovery 4/1/94

S.O. 306
Medical Care for Detained Minors 4/1/94

S.O. 307
Notice to Probation Officers 4/1/94

S.O. 307a
Access to DDAP to Juvenile Hall 6/21/95

S.O. 308
Juvenile Justice Commission Investigations 9/18/96

S.O. 309
Sharing of Information through Multidisciplinary Teams 6/12/97

S.O. 310
Curfew Conditions of Home Detention and Probation 1/4/99

S.O. 311
Release of Computer Database Information 1/11/99

S.O. 312
Release of Computer Database Information for Challenge Grant II Application 10/21/99

S.O. 313
Juvenile Cases Adjudicated as Strikes Shall Not Be Destroyed 6/19/00

S.O. 324
Result of Psychological Evaluations

D. Special Standing Orders - 300 Series

S.O. R1
Research and Confidentiality 4/17/98

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