Nov. 22, 2014

Juvenile Standing Orders

Index of Standing Orders

A. General Orders - 100 Series

S.O. 101
Revocation of Prior Juvenile Dependency Standing Orders

S.O. 102
Notice Between the Human Services Agency and Juvenile Probation

S.O. 103
Petitions for Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records

S.O. 103 - Attachment to Petitions for Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records
Procedures for Obtaining Access to and Copies of Juvenile Court Records

S.O. 103 - SFUFC Form SO103-A [Appendix I]
Declaration in Support of Request to Inspect Juvenile Records Without a Court Order (WIC §§827/828)

S.O. 103 - SFUFC Form SO103-B [Appendix II]
Petition and Order for Research

S.O. 104
Information-Sharing Among Adult Probation Dept., Juvnile Probation Dept., & SF-HSA

S.O. 105
Protocol for Authorization to Administer Psychotropic Medication to Dependent and Delinquent Children

B. Dependency Cases - 200 Series

S.O. 201
Disclosure of Testimony and Psychological Evaluations

S.O. 202
Release of Medical Records of Minors to the Human Services Agency

S.O. 203
Authorization for Mental Health Treatment

S.O. 204
Voluntary Psychiatric Hospitalization

S.O. 205 Release of Pupil Records
Release of Pupil Records

S.O. 206
Discovery of Criminal History Information

S.O. 207
Authorization for Social Workers and Caregivers to Sign Permission Forms for School and Extracurricular Activities

S.O. 208
Claims Filed against the City/827

S.O. 209
Distribution of CASA Reports

S.O. 210
Termination of Representation

S.O. 219
Replaced by S.O. 105, above

S.O. 221
Replaced by S.O. 206, above

S.O. 225
Practice Guidelines for Attorneys Practicing in the Dependency Court

S.O. 226
Release of Child Protective Services Referrals to Parents

Delinquency Cases - 300 Series

S.O. 301-Amended
Health Assessment Upon Detention 3/17/08

S.O. 302
Protocol for Referrals for Preliminary Psychological Screening 4/1/94

S.O. 303

S.O. 304
Multi-Disciplinary Assessments 4/1/94

S.O. 305
Discovery 4/1/94

S.O. 306
Medical Care for Detained Minors 4/1/94

S.O. 307
Notice to Probation Officers 4/1/94

S.O. 307a
Access to DDAP to Juvenile Hall 6/21/95

S.O. 308
Juvenile Justice Commission Investigations 9/18/96

S.O. 309
Sharing of Information through Multidisciplinary Teams 6/12/97

S.O. 310
Curfew Conditions of Home Detention and Probation 1/4/99

S.O. 311
Release of Computer Database Information 1/11/99

S.O. 312
Release of Computer Database Information for Challenge Grant II Application 10/21/99

S.O. 313
Juvenile Cases Adjudicated as Strikes Shall Not Be Destroyed 6/19/00

S.O. 324
Result of Psychological Evaluations

D. Special Standing Orders - 300 Series

S.O. R1
Research and Confidentiality 4/17/98

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