May. 1, 2016

Child Support

The Title IV-D Child Support Commissioner in Department 416, pursuant to Family Code §4251, presides over matters involving determinations of parentage, and conducts hearings to establish, modify, or enforce child support or spousal support.

Cases heard in this department include those initially filed by the local child support agency, the San Francisco Department of Child Support Services (SF DCSS), as well as proceedings in which SF DCSS is providing support services – including, for example, enforcement of support orders rendered in a prior dissolution proceeding, or in a case filed under the Uniform Parentage Act – pursuant to Family Code §17400.

The following links provide more information regarding child support services on both the state and local level, including access to the public version of the Guideline Calculator used calculate support orders in Department 416.

Department of Child Support Services (State DCSS)
-provides free access to the public Guideline Calculator program

San Francisco Department of Child Support Services

Contact Information & Hours


Commissioner Rebecca L. Wightman
Title IV-D Child Support Program
400 McAllister St.
Department 416
San Francisco, CA 94102
Court Clerk (415) 551-3756


Wayne Parinas


Court Manager
Emina Abrams
(415) 551-3908

Court Supervisor
Angelique Andreozzi
(415) 551-3962

Clerk's Office

Filing Window
Civic Center Courthouse
Clerk’s Office
Room 402
(415) 551-3903

8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday,
excluding Court holidays.

Calendar Clerk
(415) 551-3906

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